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Dr. Lisa Long

Since my initial visit for an acute back pain problem, I have continued to see Dr. Long on an ongoing basis.  Between her adjustments and massage therapy, not only has the back pain remained absent but I am able to walk virtually pain free in spite of the arthritis.  Dr. Long completely reversed my opinion of chiropractic therapy and I cannot say enough good things about her. I thank Dr. Long and Sophie for bringing me back to a virtually pain free life style!

Fred G.

Dr. Lisa Long & Staff,

I want to thank you guys for all your help during the toughest months of my life(so far), through the healing process of my accident to my grandfathers passing you guys became like my second family! Keep up the good work and I hope to see you soon, but only by choice and not due to an injury.

Dr. Lisa works magic. I have been riding my bicycle for 25 years. I recently was experiencing some neck and hip discomfort. This made it difficult to train at the level to return to competition. After working with Dr. Long, I am back training regularly almost everyday along with my maintenance adjustment and therapy at the center.

Thanks Again,

Dixie, 52 and still riding.

Thank you so much for the help you have given me in the past three weeks. I never dreamed that I would be feeling so well in such a short time, having spent the past five years suffering daily with severe neck and shoulder pain because of a degenerative disc in my neck. After having seen an Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurological Surgeon and a Neurologist, None of whom gave me any help for relief from the continuous pain. I had all but given up when my family doctor recommended you as a fine Chiropractor. I made my appointment with reservations having been so disappointed in the previous doctors. Within three weeks the improvement has been amazing. I no longer have daily pain. I would not believe this fast improvement if it weren't happening to me.

A Grateful Patient,


I cannot put a price on all you've been able to give back to my life. I know I'm not alone, but I am truly one of the most grateful successes you have. Thank you to your caring expertise, and concerned Staff for helping me get my life back so we can all enjoy every day.

Eternal Thanks,


I have been coming here for 7 months. Every time I leave I feel 10x's better than I felt when I walked in. As a mother of 2 very active kids, it's important for me to go and take care of myself. If you're searching for somewhere to go, come here! They work with you and your schedule.

Susan M.

I just had my first appointment and I feel 100% better. Dr. DeWeerd did a fantastic job on making my lower back pain go away after our session. I was very impressed with their operation it was very efficient. I have been to other Chiropractors and they didn't even come close to the service.

Anthony F.

I went to Dr. Long with severe neck pain! It wasn’t long after starting treatment with her that my neck pain improved to the point that it is barely hurting now! I honestly believe that after a few more treatments the pain will be completely gone! Dr. Long is a very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor and I would highly recommend her to anyone! She also has a very nice office staff and her massage therapist is very knowledgeable and professional at what she does too!

 Emmett C.

I attribute my ability to heal faster and recover from my medical issues to Dr. Long. Her and her staff are fast and friendly. I was able to see immediate results. Thank you!

Walt W.

I've been with Long Chiropractic and Rehab for quite some time now due to my car accident. I highly recommend them for the following reasons: the doctors and staff are very professional,  they treat you with respect and care, they are very attentive and are flexible with schedules. Dr. D and Dr. Lisa are excellent doctors in taking care of my neck and back pain, great improvement, the staff are great too, excellent service highly recommended..

Alan O.

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Long after having a car accident and have been going there for almost 10 years now! They have always been so flexible if I had any scheduling problems. The staff has been very empathetic and friendly. I would definitely recommend!

Nancy I.

I've been to 7 different chiros in the last 29 years and Long Chiropractic is by far the best I've been to! The staff is excellent, kind, flexible with scheduling and always attentive to my needs. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a new Chiropractor!!!

Darin C.

After feeling so stiff and having little movement to my body I reached out to Dr. Long. Literally after my first visit, I felt immediate relief. I would highly recommend Dr Long. Their staff is also extremely friendly and helpful.

Kim S.

Dr. Long and her staff are an excellent. Both my wife and I visit the office. Several times Dr. Long identified the exact issue we had and accurately predicted recovery time. She is very honest about the treatment-whether it be 1-2 visits or a few months of visits.

What I found to be great about Dr. Long is that she was using many different techniques during my treatment including adjustments, manipulation tools. Dr. Long was able to help me understand my condition and that how her knowledge and technique would be helpful to me.

Overall, she was great to work with and easy to talk to and let her know what aches are bothering me. The office space is clean and atmosphere is inviting. I highly recommend this chiropractor!

Albert and Carmen

Dr. Long is a great chiropractor! Her staff is always caring, friendly and attentive to the patients. They always try to work with me on my schedule since I sometimes need to get in and out quickly.I started going to the chiropractor, originally for general well-being and health. In the winter of 2010, within 2 weeks, I fell down my front steps and I fell in the shower (I am quite clumsy!!) and I was in severe pain. I saw her consistently for about 2 weeks and did the therapies they recommended. After seeking treatment at Long Chiropractic, I felt a lot better and I accredit it to the treatment I received at Dr. Long's practice. She's very friendly and I think she really cares about her patients!! I am also a runner and I completed a Half Marathon in February. I made sure to get an adjustment, as recommended by one of her staff members who is also a distance runner. I am glad I did. I also got one after the race, because 13.1 miles is pretty taxing on the body. Also very glad I did that too!!

Kimberly M.

I was very nervous going to my first chiropractic appointment, but by the time I left I was totally at ease! The staff is very friendly and professional! Dr. Long is kind- hearted and took the time to explain each step of what she was doing to improve my spine health and over- all well being! I have had three appointments thus far at her office, and now I look forward to going! It's a great office and I highly recommend this office for all your chiropractic needs! 👍 😇

Beckilynn G.

My 5 year old daughter was getting her treatment done by Dr. long and staff after a car accident. They are so welcoming and friendly! Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for my daughter! Greatly appreciated.

Dalizbeth S.

Dr. Long is great. I look forward to my monthly visit as part of my total wellness plan.
The whole team welcomes me and is always friendly and professional and conscience of my time when I visit on my lunch hour. Its a pleasure to have a doctor that I look forward to seeing so I can stay well.

Thank you team Long!

Donna D.

I find Long's chiropractic and rehab center to be the best chiro for me to go when I need it. They treat not just for recovery but for overall wellness. Now that I have also have known Dr. Long a bit longer, and have a lot of experience with chiropractors, for me anyway, one of the most important things that Dr. Long gives is to "treat" the whole person and to take the time with each person in her kindly manner. Have gone to many chiropractors in the past and even having worked for 2, I can know, that this point is very very important. And that they listen to you. If you just had an accident you don't want someone popping your back! This happened to me so for me in choosing a chiropractor I am always very careful to know that they are going to listen to me. Hope this is helpful, especially for those who are new to chiropractic.

Yvonne G.

After having 2 car accidents in the last year, I had severe pain and migraines. I went to Dr. Long and her staff last year for several months after 1st MVA and found fast and easy pain relief. Everyone is amazing and so friendly. They all care about their patients and you feel so comfortable. I was relieved of my pain last year pretty fast and now after my 2nd accident I knew who to call! Dr. Long and her team! Now I am once again on the road to recovery. I appreciate their professional attitudes and compassion. It means a lot to have not only help and treatment but more of a family atmosphere and lots of care and support. I have already recommended them to co-workers and several friends. This is the only place I go for my Chiro needs. Even for massages too! Awesome place! Great job ladies!

Melisa P.

I was suffering from a stiff neck and muscle spasms throughout my back. I saw Dr Long's commercial and decided to give them a try. I was well received by the reception staff with welcome arms as if I was embraced by an extended family. The doctor explained every detail of what the xrays revealed, how we would address the issues discovered, and what was the best course of action. Most, doctors don't discuss such things without you having to ask multiple questions that should have been a given that a patient should know about their health. The doctor followed up with how I was feeling about the issues that I came in with and what my experience was like. This showed me that Dr Long and her staff really did care about relieving my pain and helping me to transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Dr Long and Staff

Darling B.

I had my doc suggest a chiro and I looked him up online and was pleased to find he had 5 star rating on all sites he was a part of. Upon telling my VP I would need to leave early some days for my treatments, he suggested his chiro which happened to be Dr. Long. I was intrigued b/c her practice is less than a mile from my home so I looked her up to also find she had all 5 star ratings. I decided to go with the closer doctor, but mostly b/c I had 2 co-workers that raved about her, and I couldn't be more happy about my decision. I have been able to pretty much discontinue therapy, due to the chiro treatment (Thank you Dr. Long!) and massage therapy (Thank you Cindy!) I have been receiving at Long Chiropractic & Rehab Center. I have been an athlete all my life, from 9 years old through college and I continue. Injuries (4 major injuries, 3 major surgeries) have plagued me the past 4.5 years and when I was not able to be active, I became severely depressed. Since my impinged hip diagnosis, I have had to slow down and it scared me a little that I would fall back into my funk (depression). Going to Long Chiropractic & Rehab Center kept me active at a high level and I can't thank them enough! And the staff there is top notch and very friendly. I felt like they knew me from my first visit. Hat tip all around! I can't recommend this place enough!

Malic V.

Had my first visit to Dr. Long's office today and I have to say that I was extremely impressed! The office staff was excellent - friendly and happy and clearly loved their jobs! Dr. Long and associates were fantastic - and I feel great! I highly suggest this practice!!

Allie H.

I am very happy that i found Long Chiropractic Center. They are very helpful and also friendly. They have all the right equipment for all your needs...thanks to all who work here.

Terri J.

Dr. Long and team were given to me as a referral and I have not been disappointed. She and the entire team and caring, efficient and great at what they do! Highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Diane S.

I had never been to a chiropractor but when I hurt my neck so back I could hardly move I decided to call Dr Long's office! The staff was fantastic about telling me exactly what they were going to do and making sure I was comfortable. That was 2 years ago and I still go for a monthly adjustment! I started to run again and my alignment was very off! By going monthly for an overall adjustment, I can actually feel the difference! I would recommend Dr. Long's office to anyone who wanted to see a chiropractor. From the minute you walk in the door, the entire staff is pleasant and helpful!!

Jillian K.

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