Complimentary Therapy

Tampa Chiropractor - Complimentary Therapy for Soft Tissue, Inflammation, Spasms, Pain

Some of the therapies offered at Long Chiropractic: Video Transcript Frequently patients come in with inflammation, spasms, and a lot of pain and discomfort. These are some of the therapies that we offer to help alleviate those:

Electro Muscle Stimulation (muscle stim) : We place 4 electric muscle stim pads right on the patient’s back and placed in the muscular region. These are sticky electrodes that go right into the muscles.

The therapist turns up the muscle stim until the patient feels a slight contraction of the muscle which in turn is fatiguing the fibers which help break up the spasms, so it is really good for someone who is experiencing a lot of muscle spasms.

Ultrasound is a painless therapeutic modality that helps pull out inflammation. It’s great after any kind of sports injury or auto accident injury and for any time there is a lot of inflammation in the area.

It works down at the cellular level to flush the tissues and bring in new blood for the healing process. This is a great therapy as well.

DTS traction: Neck and low back decompressing traction for patients that are experiencing neck pain with reticular* symptoms or low back with radiating symptoms. The table is computerized is a DTS traction. I pick the poundage for neck and low back.

The therapist sets it up so it does is a light gentle traction to decompress the spine and open up the nerve root to take the pressure off the nerve that is extending down the arms and into the legs.

Pulsed / continuous short wave Diathermy Therapy: Great for Frozen shoulder and stiff sore knees. Heats from inside to outside so it gets a lot blood and circulation into the joints.

Micro light Cold Laser therapy great for cellular metabolism and helps speed up the healing process as well.

We also offer Aqua bed, Intra-segmental traction and Message therapy.

*Reticular connective tissue is a type of connective tissue.


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