Sports Injuries

Tampa Chiropractic for Sports Injury & Athletes Perform, Respond Better & Prevent Injury

Today we are talking about sports injuries. We help a lot of athletes. As most people know athletic teams have a chiropractor on staff because chiropractic care works. It helps athletes perform better, respond better and prevent injury. And also if they are injured, it helps patients get back on the field or back into whatever type of sports they are doing quicker.

I always check to be sure patients' spines are in alignment because when you are working out you need balance and symmetry in your joints and muscles to prevent injury. I take care of patients that golf, the biggest sports injury because of the torsion in the low back, in the lumbar spine. We help those who play basketball baseball or have tennis elbow and those who participate in many different sports like swimming and especially patients that work out. Anyone who enjoys sports weekend activities come visit us so we can take care of you.


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