Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment for Low and Mid Back Pain - Auto and Sports Injury - Live demonstration

Transcript of video: 
For those of you who have never seen a chiropractic adjustment we are showing you an example today. This patient has mid back pain and low back pain. We are going to do " hands on" which is a diversified type of technique that gets motion and movement back into joints of the spine. It gets mobility back into the joints. which is what you want to keep the joints hydrated. It is a very light technique. I have the patient take a deep breath and exhale. This will bring movement back into the spine and vertebrae getting the fixation out of the spine.

Next we're going to do her low back with a gentle easy technique as well. I have the patient lay on her right side. The reason I put the patient in different positions is because I am always going with the way the joints of the spine glide. We go with the way they were made to move. This is an easy nice stretch.

For those patients that cannot handle a hands on adjustment: for instant if the patient is fresh out of an auto accident or sports injury or has brittle bones, I use different types of low force techniques. So I will give you an example of that: This is a technique called Ortho Stim. Ortho means joints and stim means stimulate. This technique creates a light low force vibratory tapping technique into the facet joints of the spine.

I basically palpate, which means to feel the patients spine for fixation, and then place the instrument over the area and apply a light vibratory type movement into the facet joints*. This is great for patients that aren't able to handle other types of adjustments.

*Meaning of facet joints: small joints located between and behind adjacent vertebrae.


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