Importance of X-rays

Importance of X-rays for Chiropractic Treatment

The X-rays in the video is showing a view of someone’s neck: it’s called a lateral cervical view and this is looking straight at the side of the neck, which shows me each one of the little vertebrae which should be nice and square and cube shaped and there should be a little disk space in there.

I always show patients what a near- to-normal neck should look like. Shows an X-ray of a neck showing a nice natural curve of the neck the way we were meant to be. The reason we have a natural curve in the neck is to act as a shock absorber between the head and the shoulders. Sometimes through years of bad posture sleep positions, work positions and auto accidents the neck will straighten out and that is very compressive between the head and shoulders What happens is the little discs which are in between the bones get compressed and it can also compress the nerves that exit out of the spine and can in turn go down the arms which can cause numbness and tingling.

When we take an X-ray it lets me see the condition of your spine to see what phase of degenerative changes you are in: either phase 1, 2, 3 or 4. As you go down each phase, it becomes more degenerative, there’s more arthritic degenerative changes, more bone spurring, more decreased space and obviously more pain.

Our goal here in going over an X-ray of the patient is to show them which stage of degenerative changes that they are in and show them where their misalignments is to help improve their spinal health, to reduce pain and to keep the patient from getting into these further degenerative changes. We do that through the chiropractic adjustments, the therapy and the massage.

Onsite X-rays are offered here at Long chiropractic.


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