Chiropractic Q & A

Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Lisa Long Q & A  

Short Video Clips on Topics such as Insurance, First Visits, Neck and Back Pain.  Watch All Chiropractic Q & A Video Clips on Youtube by clicking here.

Why Dr. Long Stands Out Among Tampa Chiropractors

This is the first of many short videos were Tampa's Chiropractor Dr. Long answers questions. In this one she shares why she feels she stands out among others in Tampa. Whether you have back and neck pain, suffered an auto injury, sciatica or other related health problems, Dr. Long can probably help.

Tampa Chiropractor Addresses Bad Experiences with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Long answers a questions about bad experiences with Chiropractic Care and what to do if this happens.

What is the Popping Noise with Chiropractic Adjustment ... Neck & Back Pain

Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Long explains the " popping noise " that might happen when receiving a chiropractic adjustment. It is caused by Nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas bubbles being released from joints of the the spine which is actually is sign that we are getting movement and motion into the spine.

Tampa Chiropractic: Best Way to Chose a Chiropractor

Dr. Long says when choosing your chiropractor be sure to get a good feel with the chiropractor, get a word of mouth referral and check out patients reviews.


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