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Chiropractic Relieves Stress & Tension

Chiropractic Relieves Stress & Tension.

The causes for stress could be many. However, stress affects the physical as well as psychic components of humans in a significant way. Resulting either in a fight or flight response, the obvious and immediate effects of stress could be a sharp rise of heart beat, blood volume and pressure. Under this condition, the adrenal glands are forced to secrete corticoids like adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. The purpose of these chemicals is to help body manage the situation forced by the stress. For instance, if you need to run away for life, then they could ably support you for that vigorous physical activity. The sedentary life encouraged by the modern life leads to the buildup of these chemicals in the body causing wide spread ill effects.

Chronic stress conditions experienced by people can cause long lasting muscle tension and contraction. The obvious effects of this condition include irregular pressures on the skeletal system of the body which might cause misalignment of the spinal column in the long run. The treatment given by a chiropractor can work on the spinal column as well as the nervous system radiating the necessary impulses that travel from the central nervous system to the different parts of the body.

The immediate effects of chiropractic treatment are relieving the tension built up in the muscles and restoring the body to a relaxed state. The resulting adjustments made to the spinal column reduce the irritation of the nerves and improves blood circulation. Working from the reverse way, this kind of intervention can help relieve the emotional response caused by the stress situation. Therefore, the most obvious effects of chiropractic treatment include relieving stress in a relatively permanent way working through the body to cure the mind.


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